Daycare Carpet Cleaning

With all of the children coming in and out of your daycare home every day, it is extremely important that you keep your carpeting clean and sanitized. The children lie on it, crawl on it, and just about everything on it. It’s the ideal place for germs and bacteria to grow and multiply. If gone unchecked this may impact everyone’s health, including you and your families.

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Preventing Sickness with Cleaner Carpet

When kids are playing a soft carpet is ideal. It will ease the falls and provide traction for new walkers as they practice their steps. But carpeting is also a harbor for the germs that transfers illness from one person to the next. A child sneezes. Another plays with a toy in the same area and picks up the germs already starting to spread. When it comes to killing these germs, vacuuming is not enough. It does help and should be done every day, but it’s only the first step to illness prevention.

Carpet Cleaning Allergies Away

Carpeting is a breeding ground for dust mites and spores. As they accumulate they will likely impact kids that have allergies or asthma.
Carpet Cleaning Importance
Regular carpet cleaning is vital to the success of your business. It will help to keep attendance up and your customers and your own family healthy and safe.
Jenntec Carpet Cleaning provides an eco-friendly, kid safe carpet cleaning service that will rejuvenate your carpets, – leaving them fresh, clean, healthy, and beautiful – almost like new! We offer a 100% eco-friendly system that can provide superior results to traditional carpet cleaning methods!
If you’re ready for beautiful, clean, dry, fresh and allergen-free carpet, give us a call today.

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